Solar Panels for Home

Solar Panels for Home in Gujarat

We are a prominent supplier of Solar Systems for House in Ahmedabad, as our offered solar systems are best-suitable for varied home applications. We use cutting-edge technology, with equipment and machines supplied by the best in class vendors, which helps to reduce cost and increases reliability as per global standards. We also offer 3kW Solar panels for home in Gujarat with a subsidy; the subsidy provided by the State Government makes it even cheaper for investors who are willing to invest in solar power systems but have stress about the finance required. Outdoor Solar Panels for House with net metering allow residencies to utilize the solar power they need and can sell the surplus power back to the electricity board. A newly installed bi-directional electricity meter will record the electricity you import from the grid and the solar electricity you export to the grid. At the end of the month, the electricity board owes you money if you have generated more electricity from solar energy than you have consumed from the grid. Thus, investing in solar power solutions leads to great savings, and also protects the environment.

solar panels for home in Gujarat