Hybrid Rooftop Solar System

Hybrid Rooftop Solar System - Gujarat

A Hybrid Rooftop Solar System is a blend of both on-grid solar systems and off-grid solar systems. A hybrid solar system has battery storage in it to store power and also can feed excess electricity into the main grid. It is a renewable energy system and also includes battery backup. Hybrid Rooftop Solar System employs solar panels to generate power during the day and uses excess energy stored in batteries at night when there is no sunlight. It also includes unique controls for the most efficient use of the supplied electricity.

Hybrid solar systems work same as the on-grid solar systems. But unlike on-grid solar systems, they can store energy, which makes them work as a backup power source too and can provide uninterrupted energy even when there is a power cut. Hybrid Rooftop Solar System in Gujarat are the greatest initiative by the State Government for a better environment. If the system is producing excess energy then it can be fed to the main electrical grid via solar net metering. At the time of electricity billing, the government or Torrent Company will adjust the provided units in your electricity bill.

Hybrid Rooftop Solar System in gujarat