The ballast mounting structure which we are provide is totally dependant on the weight of array racking system and additional material like concrete pavers, to hold the array to the roof. Deciding from the tyspes of solar mounting structure for your home, office and industry would be a challenging task nut thankfully we have decade of experience in this field The ballast system has gained in popularity among Fresno residents since it is the least invasive option available, safely mounting the panels to your roof without the use of penetrating mounts, which may have the potential to cause leaks. Choosing to install solar panels on your house using the ballast system will allow for a quick and easy installation, so you start benefiting from your new panels as soon as possible.

Features of Ballast Solar Mounting Structure :

  • Easy installation
  • High security
  • Prevents from corrosion
  • Fast installation
  • High Performance Electronic Ballast Reduces Maintenance Cost
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