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Solar power is a long term investment both monetarily and environmentally. So its important to think that the system you are installing in your house is giving worth later. It’s also important to ensure that the company who installs it knows exactly what they are doing.


As you can probably already-y tell, it is imperative to trust the expertise and integrity of the solar panel installers you decide upon, and you should to make sure that they’re professionals with the necessary expertise and credentials.


Here are several important factors to consider, when selecting your solar installer:

Is your solar contractor having license:

State licensing is completely different from any voluntary certification that your contractor may opt to participate in. You must ensure that your contractor and installation company is lisenced and that would protect you from dangerous installation and safety mishappening. Your solar panels are a huge financial investment on your part, so you want to know that they are installed according to all code and safety regulation. Licensing in the residential solar energy system realm began in the 1980s. it is important to thoroughly research on your state to find out your requirements. It’s also important to note that on the certification side, a contractor having a NABCEP certification. It is the much preferred if you are looking for high quality solar power system.

What are the panels and inverter your solar installer id using?

The quality of solar panels for homes that your installer is using its utmost important, so it’s imperative that you talk with your contractor and get in know of the devices that they are installing. Your solar inverter is the mechanism responsible for converting the energy, or direct current, obtained from your solar panels into a useable energy source, or alternating current (AC to DC), which can be utilized by your local electric company’s wiring network. A quality inverter protect your equipment from overload and damage. A low quality solar inverter can result in lost or wasted energy and low conversion rates when cultivating energy from your solar panel system.

Solar Panel Systems For Homes: BIJLI BACHAO!!!!

Now, we should take interest in some renewable resource of energy. Our society can't continue to work on oil, and with rising gas prices and more frequent power outages, solar energy seems to be the way to go. There are very few people left who doesn’t know about solar energy and how cost effective it is. With the world now facing a serious energy crises home owners need to consider passive photovoltaic (solar) panels for homes and these can be installed in an existing home and automatically installed in newly built homes.


“SAVE POLAR GO SOLAR” There will never be a shortage of solar energy also known as renewable energy as the sun always shines. Solar energy will create lighting within and without the home as well as warm the swimming pool and heat your water and will allow pone to cook during the day as solar energy is converted into thermal energy and does not pollute the air or give off green house gasses like fossil fuels do. “The most abundant form of power on the earth is solar energy and is getting cheaper and cheaper.”


If you have installed solar panel system then you would have guaranteed power supplies even there is power cut off. This type of energy is not governed or controlled by any syndicates and in addition solar energy is eco friendly. Solar panels afford the homeowner incredible saving and also reduce the dependency on electricity and gas. Solar panels contain battery cells which will store excess energy for later usage and usually these solar panels are placed on the roof of your home.

Solar Power System For Industries: Power up your business with sai cab tech!

As a team of highly skilled and dedicated solar professionals, we are committed to delivering efficient, effective solar solutions to a wide spectrum of organizations. We have a proven track record of working with various industries, corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies .


We are delivering tremendous variety of solutions all over the globe, including ground mount, rooftop, carport, tracking and integrated storage solutions. Despite the fact we have one of the strongest solar resumes in the world, we continue to explore innovations and advances to enhance solar technologies and to solve tomorrow’s complex energy challenges.


Is your business running with high electricity bills???


The global electricity sector is facing three major challenges: the security of supply to keep up with ever-mounting demand, the fight against climate change, and the global trend toward massive urbanization. And in big industries requires more amount of electricity for various purposes like heating and melting. Because of this the electricity bills are high so the business sometimes runs in losses. So the best solution is to swipe to solar so the problem would be solved and you would get electricity free of cost also free up from frequent power cut off.


Convert light into electricity!!! Let’s make use of sun, GO SOLAR!!


Invest in your business, not your electricity bill! High electricity bills can be a huge drain on your business finances. With ‘everything on’ all day long, you are looking at a lifetime of paying whopping electricity bills, every month, month on month.




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