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It is highly reliable and efficient and affordable solar inverter. It is a kind of product which you can trust with your most demanding applications. Micro inverters have been proven to dramatically increase net annual AC kWh production when compared to string inverters. Micro inverters are the best solution for applications that must avoid string inverter performance degradation caused by partial or intermittent shade. SPP Micro inverters save even more than others, because there are no trunk cables or other proprietary components needed. This reduces the cost of the hardware and makes installation simple and faster.

Micro Inverter Manufacturer

Features of Micro Inverter Installer :

  • 25 years warranty
  • Rated Output Power: 250W AC
  • Commonly used module pairing input power: 210-350W
  • Operating Range: 16 - 48 V
  • 95.7% EU Efficiency
  • 96.2% Peak Efficiency




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