Improving lives with sustainable energy!!!

SAI CAB TECH was established in 2009 is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Our company SAI CAB TECH is engaged in manufacturing, supplying, installing various products of solar power system and services Electrical substation/switchyard, Power transmission & distribution, Electrical Transformers, EPC for all Renewal Energy project, Electrical panels, HT /LT Electrical power cables & conductors, Marine cables, all electrical installation work, Telecom infrastructure, Telecom cable inclusive of Optical fiber cables, Hybrid cables and Cables for special application. Manufactures high quality Off-Grid solar products and is a leading solar service provider. With well-established distribution lines of renowned solar parts, SAI CAB TECH offers complete solutions to installers, resellers, and contractors to carry out their work in residential solar and commercial solar projects.



  • Diverse, multi-talented team of over various professionals and associates with its headquarters in Ahmedabad.


  • We conduct ourselves and our business with legal duty and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. We ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities in which we operate.


  • To do sustainable, equitable and reselling energy systems suitable for our developing economy.
  • Create energy literate citizenry, capable of making wise energy choices.


  • Promoting open and competitive markets for renewable/sustainable energy power projects.
  • To provide high technology based solar systems to all the economic sectors of society.
  • To provide world class technology for manufacturing all type of solar power systems.
  • To achieve best results by providing best services.
  • To spread awareness about solar system in every corner of the world.


  • To be a global leader in manufacturing and supplying solar power systems.
  • Better living for all-sustainably.